Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Won't Believe Your Eyes...

Yes!  Vivian got to stand up three times this morning with Brianna from physical therapy and take her first steps to the wagon for a wagon ride!!  Vivian will work with Brianna daily until discharge.  Afterwards Vivian accepted about 3 sips of water, 2 tiny pinches of apple bread, a tiny bite each of applesauce and chocolate pudding.  She is just on a half liter of O2 at 21%.  They have weaned one of her taper meds down again.  I think the taper meds will continue through the 17th, but we aren't required to stay in the hospital for those.  She needs to resume her eating and drinking though.

Vivian is excitedly pointing at the fish in the fish tank during her wagon ride!  Love, Keri


  1. What a beautiful sight to see Vivian up and walking AND her brilliant smile again! I am just in AWE. What a change from just a few days ago when she was hugging her daddy while laying down--I cried when I saw those photos--they were sweet and so dear in that sweet daddy-daughter love!
    So glad that things are progressing forward. YAY! And I also noticed you changed your blog title--LOVE IT!


  2. What a peanut! and Glow worm is with her in every pic, too cute. Thanks for sharing the pictures, its so good to see her upright and she's looking happier each day. -Laura