Monday, July 4, 2011

One Step Back--Temporary Isolation

Let's see...two of the IV sedation meds Dex and Versed are getting turned off now, and the IV morphine is going from 20 to 10.  The oxygen they have been giving her..we were at 30 but had to go back up to 60 and now she is down to 40%.  They are taking out the urine catheter today and will just weigh her diapers.  One less place for an infection source.

Vivian has had a temperature over the last few days, and the doctors are trying to find the source of that.  Cultures have been drawn and are checked over multiple days to see if there is anything growing.  Vivian's CO2 has been up higher than desired too.  It's down from 60 to 57% now.  The preferred range is 35 to 50%.  They also do other preventative measures like everyone gowning up before coming into Vivian's room, and our nurse is changing all the drips for precaution.

I guess a lot of times it is two steps forward and one step back.  This is a one step back day in terms of getting her breathing vent off.  It's not going to be considered for today or tomorrow now.  Ugh, how frustrating.  It is suspected that she could have a little respirator-induced pneumonia or a virus which is not uncommon for being on the vent for this long.  But, all her readings otherwise are doing well.  She is urinating and having bowel movements.  Her O2 sats are at 80%.

She spent a lot of time awake and shifting around through the night.  Then she would drift off for a bit and pop awake again.  She kept the night nurse busy coming in to scoot her up in bed, and it wouldn't be long before Vivian was scooting around again.  She's actually trying to turn over so she can get up--I can tell by her movements. All the moving around is a good thing though.

What a long haul for Vivian this has been.  Please keep the prayers coming.  Thanks!  Love, Keri

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  1. yea for the potty & poopy!! Glad the foley is out & her sats are up (even with the temporary O2 increase) Just that she's moving around more & the meds are being weaned down is so awesome! moving around is good for her lungs--even if she's on the vent & it's only in bed...awesome! continued prayers for ALL of you--when one of you is sick or not doing well, you ALL are sick & not doing affects everybody. I like picturing Vivian's spunk as she tries to reposition or turn over. continued prayers....marcia