Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow..You're Only A Day Away!

Hello!  Sorry I haven't posted photos for a couple days.  They would look about the same though.  Vivian loves to get wagon rides and go for walks in her walker.  We also carry her around, like to the game room where the boys are playing far too much wii.

She is eating a little bit of pudding or some from jars of baby food they stock at the hospital.  She drinks her vanilla flavored Pediasure and takes sips of water.  We tried one tiny nibble of pancake this morning and up it came with some formula.  So, she is struggling right now with food that has a structure to it or is a finite piece. 

If we are discharged tomorrow, it will be later in the day.  So, this may be my last post from the hospital, or next to last post before I return the laptop to the hospital.  Vivian will need a final heart echo done and a final chest xray.  We will meet with a dietician, and a psychologist who specializes in feeding issues.  We meet with our hospital social worker who is setting us up with home health.  Our hospital physical therapist will be by to see Vivian.  And maybe the music therapist will be by...I'll request her too.  These other things, while numerous, can be brief.  The doctors round between 9 and 10am.

I also just realized Ken has an appt in the late afternoon which means he would be down here at dinner time.  We would then get home late..just in time to settle Vivian into bed and get the night time feeding started.  We may have to see about rescheduling.  That might be a lot to do upon getting home!  Well, I'm off to bed.  Love, Keri

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  1. Keri,
    I'll be in Coralville this evening while Michael is at TKD. I can stop to see you if you are still in the hospital!! Hoping you have a good day and discharge/homecoming go smoothly. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. -Laura