Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Little Stronger This Afternoon

I also wanted you all to see how Vivian is getting stronger day by day.  In the wagon she could not lift her head.  Now she is holding her head up a little better.  Ken even allowed her to try sitting on her own for several seconds until she started to slump a little.  We are getting Vivian into a sitting position several times a day.  I can tell we are getting closer to exiting the ICU because a few days ago we started sharing a nurse with one other patient.  So...I have to go find the nurse when we need something sometimes.  And, really, there's just not a whole lot of work needed for Vivian.  I requested a bath and shampoo for Vivian tonight, but that is on hold because the PICU is getting 5 admits at about the same time.  It was somewhat slow when we were admitted, but it is crazy busy here now!  I would also like to hold her, but I can't do it by myself because of all the tubes still.  Let's pray that Monday will be the day the chest tubes can come out. 
Love, Keri

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