Saturday, July 16, 2011

NG Tube Certified

Just a quick post as I am pretty tired.  Today was a better day and looking up.  Ken and I each performed the NG tube insertion into Vivian this morning.  It went well...better than yesterday's experience.  After that my stress level has settled down.  I can tell because I am now really looking forward to getting home to familiarity.  Vivian did great today.  She was willing to eat some applesauce and some pudding too, and she did not throw up today.  Whew. 

We are biding our time waiting for the weekend to end, so we can get ready for discharge.  We are going to ask for discharge on Monday.  The only thing, I think, that would hold us back is if we cannot get our home equipment for Vivian's feeding on Monday night.  Or, the doctors might want another day of us feeding Vivian here to get a feel for her current eating status, like if it is ramping up or not.  She will be done with her taper medications on Sunday at midnight.  She is getting so little now it's kind of funny.  They bring in a syringe that literally has one drop in it. 

It will be interesting to get used to this schedule for nightly feedings which are currently set to 12 hours long.  She won't be in bed that whole time, I don't think.  Well, I better crawl into bed now.  Love, Keri

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