Thursday, July 7, 2011

Once Around the Block!!

6 Pillows, 5 Caring People, 4 Wagon Wheels, 3 Stops for Pictures, 2 Sweet Little Eyes looking All Around, and 1 Blanket!  That's what it took for Vivian's first wagon ride around the ICU!!  It was a great success.  Jaret and Isaac helped with entertainment.

We had Vivian sitting in an upright position today three different times with complete support also.  She is very weak and cannot hold her head up as you can see.  When we returned to the room from the ride, Daddy held Vivian upright and Mommy gave a few drops of water to Vivian to take by mouth and then one swallow.  She is doing so wonderfully and will regain her strength soon, I am sure of it.  We appreciate your prayers for Vivian's recovery.  She has turned several corners over the last several days and is on a good path, and we patiently wait while her body continues to heal.  Love, Keri

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  1. Oh my! She is looking great!! & great news about losing a few more tubes! Jaret & Isaac have grown a few inches since we've seen them last. I think Vivian looks less 'puffy' as well--and how encouraging that she's taking little swallows by mouth. Wow--compared to a week ago...she's amazing. So are all of you! Such a long & stressful journey. Nothing new here in the neighborhood...Josie is being sweet as always, & she & Hank do everything as a 'couple' (I think they are falling in love) later! love, marcia