Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello!  We waited four hours after packing up and finally got transferred to the second floor at 2:30pm this afternoon.  Vivian and I both took a nap this evening.  She has finally tired out and gone to sleep at 12:15am.  Doctor rounds are at 10am tomorrow, and I am anxious to hear Vivian's plan.  We want to come home soon.  I am tired already of entertaining her in bed connected to wires, and she is tired of being trapped in the bed all the day long.  They decreased her two other drugs doses today, and she is tolerating it.  I better close for now and head to bed.  Love, Keri

P.S.  Had to advocate for myself today.  They had a crummy couch in the room.  You feel like you are falling out of it whether it's couch or bed.  I scoped out the empty room next door and saw it had the same type couch as I had in the ICU, so I requested a swap!  Never thought I would pine for a particular hospital bed, but some things like this can make all the difference in the world!  Goodnight!

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