Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wiggle Worm

They turned down Vivian's two IV meds today from 30 to 20.  The doctor was just by and wanted to turn down again, but the nurse requested to hold off until her blood gas results come back.  They also turned her third IV med Dexotomonine (sp?) down from 0.5 to 0.25 today.  This has been kinda quick in coming down on the IV meds, but Vivian is doing alright so far with it.  They can give her extra oral doses if she needs.

Vivian also had two pressure trials today.  One was for an hour, and she was successful.  That means she took her own breaths that were also deep enough to be productive.  During the trial the ventilator acts as a back-up and would take over should she have a problem or struggle or tire out.  The second trial was started this evening at 8:15pm and then stopped because Vivian was having some of her usual things done like oral care and tube stripping and suctioning, and she gets pretty mad and messes up the readings. 

With her meds reduced, Vivian has become quite a wiggle worm today.  I mean really moving her body around and opening and closing her mouth to bite the breathing tube.  She scoots down the bed too with the wiggling.  And, today she is definitely looking around for us and at everything in the room.  At one point Isaac started crying over something and Vivian started crying too (without sound). 

We enjoyed lots of company today, and we thank you all for the fellowship. 

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