Monday, July 4, 2011

Resting, Waiting, Praying...

Hopefully, the IV morphine will get turned off tonight sometime.  Vivian is resting nicely right now.  We went out for dinner at Appleby's this evening and when we returned, the isolation was discontinued.  She tested negative for viral, but her fever is still a mystery.  I am so hoping she will turn a good corner and recover from this starting with a good night.  Anyway, we also learned they do need to decrease her oral meds too in order to get off the vent.  We are still moving in that direction.  It's nice she got the Foley (urine cath) out today at noon.  We anticipate each tube removal because it certainly does not happen quickly!

Tonight we went up to the top floor rooftop patio and watched the fireworks.  They were nice but too far away to hear the crackles or booms.  Tonight is also the last night for Ken and the boys.  They will return home tomorrow sometime.  Ken needs to get into work Wed, Thurs, and Fri.  And, it looks that we will be in the PICU through next weekend.  Lord, give me strength for each day as I write this.  Right now it seems like a long time from now. 

Our two PICU "neighbors" have their kids off the vent now, and they are holding their little ones.  We are thrilled for them.  And, I am confident Vivian is on God's timing, and I keep praying she will conquer this obstacle and continue to heal.  It's hard though that I'm not tall enough to lean over and give Vivian a kiss on her forehead or cheek.  I kiss her leg or foot to say goodnight.  Speaking of, I am exhausted and will turn in for the night.  Love, Keri

P.S.  If any of you have any favorite bible verses/passages that you go to for strength, patience, comfort, please email them to me at  I would love to read through them and be thinking of them through our days here.

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