Thursday, September 22, 2011

Services for Vivian

We are so moved by all the prayers we have received.  I guess we had no idea how many loving and thoughtful folks out there are reaching out to us and lifting us up. 
I think it is what has carried us through the day making the hardest decisions we have ever made.

Here are the details for services for Vivian for those who would like to know:
Visitation at Cedar Memorial on 1st Ave on Sunday, Sept. 25th from 2 to 5pm.
Church Service at New Covenant Bible Church in Robins on Center Point Road on Monday, Sept. 26th at 11am.
Meal follows at noon to 2pm.
Following that will be a private family burial.
Obituary will be in the Friday paper.

Keri and Ken

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Precious Vivian

Our hearts are desperately heavy and broken.  Our beautiful, precious daughter died suddenly yesterday morning at St. Lukes in the ER.  They tried for 45 minutes to bring her back, and there was just nothing.  She had been lethargic and had a little bit of runny nose.  She checked out fine at the cardiologist on 9/13, although she had gained 15 oz in two weeks.  Looking back, I think that was the start of this unhappy path.  Right after that she was tired a lot--we attributed it to the cold.  I too had a cold and was quite tired.  We took her to the pediatrician on 9/19.  Again no serious warning bells and checked out alright.  Just a little swelling in her face and abdomen.  Vivian is so tiny that a little swelling can actually disguise itself as "healthy."  She enjoyed her bath daddy gave her and slept through the night.  She babbled to daddy the next morning until he left to take Isaac to preschool.  I gave her a sippy cup of water while she sat on the couch watching PBS kids and fixed her oatmeal and carried it to the table.  Then I heard her cough, ran over, saw some blood and she passed in and out of consciousness in my arms.  In a microsecond I thought we could get to the ER faster than an ambulance could get out to us.  I grabbed Jaret and we left.  Vivian was deteriorating as we were getting there.  Her breathing so labored....she took her last breath and fell forward...I saw her in my rearview mirror as I waited for one car to pass and turned into the St. Lukes ER.  I remember popping a curb, blaring the horn, and running in with her as I yelled to someone to be with Jaret.  I yelled her heart condition and hep B carrier and recent surgery.  They tried so hard for 45 minutes and could not get heart activity. 

We are totally in shock, denial, devastated, you name it.  We had the boys there to say goodbye, and we held our baby for 5 hours before we could summon the strength to leave.  Ken's folks took the boys to their house earlier.  Ken and I followed each other home in our vehicles.  We just unpacked everything we had packed on our vacation which we were planning to leave at noon.  The company graciously returned our money. 

We'll stay home from our trip, but Vivian took the best trip ever...home to Jesus in heaven.
Now we know she is healed fully and can finally be the happy skipping toddler.  I hope she found and met her Grandma Donna and Great Grandma Eleanor (my mom and her mom).

Keri and Ken