Sunday, July 10, 2011

Awake and Active!

Vivian is still awake at 10:15pm as I start this post.  She has been awake for just over 12 hours now today!  She just got a small dose of morphine, so maybe she will settle in for the night.  Vivian has been a very active girl today playing with her toys, turning pages in her books, pointing at the TV when her Baby Einstein movies are playing.  She has sat in mommy's lap and daddy's lap.  She has watched as Jaret blew bubbles and tried to pop some.  She even tossed a little bean filled football with dad.  Yes, her throw is about 18" in length.  She kicks her legs, waves her arms and scoots around and claps.  And, she spends considerable time trying to get the oxymeter off her big toe. 

Really, I'm amazed to watch Vivian all day.  Did I mention she is sitting by herself in bed and remaining upright without us supporting her?  We did that several times, and she seemed to literally get stronger throughout the day.  Our sweet friends Rob and Alissa even babysat Vivian this evening for us, so Ken and I and the boys could go down and grab some dinner!  One would think that a child in a bed could not cause trouble but with as busy as Vivian has become, she really gets entangled in her wires and tubes and tries to pull things apart.  Rob and Alissa even got to take Vivian for a wagon ride this afternoon with nurse assistance.  It takes three people to manuveur all the accessories.  (Thank you both for your company and help)! 

Today I heard my first rumor from a doctor that we could potentially go to the regular peds floor tomorrow.  Also, my day nurse today is guessing that Vivian could get her chest tubes out tomorrow.  I don't hold them to these guesses, but it does tell me change is on the horizon.  They have tapered her morphine down to 2 mg every 8 hours and probably tomorrow will start to taper the other two meds.  I'm curious for cardiac and PICU rounds tomorrow morning since it's Monday -- as in the usual folks are back to check on us.

Oh, I wanted to mention that my posts may get more sporadic now with Vivian awake!  It was easy to sit down about the same time each evening and post, but that freedom is going by the wayside.  Well, in case you are wondering, Vivian has finally gone to sleep at 10:45pm!  Love, Keri

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