Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are home at last.  We left the hospital yesterday at 3pm.  I'm not relaxed yet because we are trying to get the hang of the home equipment we need to use and to Vivian's schedule.  It's like the hospital where I stay by Vivian's bed until she falls asleep because otherwise she moves around and tangles herself in the wires and tubes.  And, we are working on various appts for her too.  At the same time I am encouraging her to eat food by mouth during the day so we can transition off the feeding tube!  Small steps are the key.  She is drinking her Pediasure by mouth and took almost a half jar of BF(babyfood) sweet potatoes today so far.  She is more willing later in the day to eat.

Aside from Vivian I am trying to unpack the many hospital bags (where did they all come from?), reacquaint myself with our home and what we have and what I need to do or shop for!  It was nice to sit next to Ken in the evening for a change!  And, our towels seem extra fluffy after hospital ware!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Vivian's interest and ability to eat by mouth to perk up! 
Love, Keri

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