Thursday, June 23, 2011

They Took The Bed...So Almost Done!!

8:25pm The nurses have left to go get Vivian from the O.R.! This is not a simple task, so they will probably be back up here around 9pm or so. And, I guess there will be an entire team of medical folks too. We'll be meeting with them when they arrive, so that's why I'm writing now.

Keep praying for her recovery please and our stamina!



  1. Wow! Thanks for keeping us up to date. you all must be VERY tired.

  2. Keri and Ken,

    You have our prayers for a quick recovery! We've often thought about your family and Lin has even asked about Vivian. I'm sure you remember that Lin was also a heart baby and had major surgery when she was a toddler as well. Now... she is 13 years old, plays tennis, learning to swim, loves riding her bike, plays the flute, wants to start karate lessons and loves rollercoasters. She'll always see a cardiologist, but she is not under any restrictions. We wish we were with Lin when she was a toddler going through such a traumatic surgery and recovery... take comfort that Vivian has your hand, her mother's hand, to hold as she goes through it.

  3. God's strength be with you all! I did not realize that you were scheduled for another heart surgery! I'm so glad I noticed your post on your blog! We're praying for you all--for stamina, a fast recovery and efficient results and full healing. And also for your dad!
    You guys just rock as parents and are such an inspiration to me!
    I was just looking over the photos from the Rockwell party taken earlier this month--still so sorry for my spitting 3 year old--ack!
    Give Vivian a hug for us.