Monday, June 27, 2011

Change of Plans...

We had been waiting for Vivian's surgeon to complete another case today, and during that wait, Vivian had an episode with her blood pressure being unstable while they were working on weaning from meds and giving other meds. She is a tricky girl to work with.

Between those things, the small surgery to close her chest is planned for tomorrow morning after rounds. So the goal is for Vivian to have a quiet, restful night.



  1. Keeping you all in our prayers. Hope today is "uneventful" and that the doctors can move forward in closing things up and that Vivian heals quickly. Looking forward to seeing her grow and begin to do so many new things!

  2. Oh dear! Poor baby...each day is a day closer to getting home, but I hate those 'bumps' in the road. Glad she's being cared for so well & having her mommy there is the best medicine! (daddy & brothers too!) We continue praying every day for sweet little Vivian, & all of you as go through this time.
    love, al & marcia, & kids