Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Resting and Healing

Today has been a day of resting and healing like the title says. Vivian did get her TP tube in. It took three tries and using a smaller tube to get it to work. Now she is getting feedings that put formula right into her small intestine. They have to start very slow, so Vivian gets a half teaspoon every eight hours.

She also had an EKG of her heart today, and they were studying her for awhile. They are looking for any narrowing of her arteries along the suture lines. I'm not sure how often they will do these, but it could mean she would need a heart catheterization while here.

Overall, Vivian is doing well. There's things here and there that get out of whack and need to be adjusted. She just has a long road to go. It's hard to get a feel for that without being here, but she's been on strong narcotics for a week now, blood pressure meds, supplimental oxygen and nitric oxide in her vent. So, keeping her balanced and weaning her and making sure her heart responds well is not just a straightforward path.

As for us we miss Vivian's personality we haven't seen for a week. I sing and read and talk to Vivian, and she does know we are here. I comfort her when she "cries" which she does by making a cry-face and shaking her body. However, I haven't changed a diaper in a week or fed her meals. And, with her sedated, I have freedom to come and go from the room. As Vivian gets better, my end of supervision and care will greatly increase. The one-to-one nursing care round the clock is so nice that I better start preparing now for the "shock" of the regular peds floor!

Tomorrow I am thinking about taking a bus over to the Walmart to do a little grocery shopping and utilize the hospital refrigerators since the cafeteria is getting so expensive.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Love, Keri

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