Sunday, June 26, 2011

Naughty and Nice

Vivian had a good night last night. She keeps the staff on their toes in general by trying to wake up. We see this when she tries to lift her arms which are loosely constrained and her facial expression shows she is upset. Daddy and mommy have both been able to comfort her by talking or singing softly to her while she receives an extra dose of sedation meds.

Last night at 4am Vivian was "naughty"--she overrode the breathing tube and was carrying more workload and threw the monitors out of whack. They spent some time settling her back down. I can't recall exactly what they did, but it was not an emergent situation. They just don't want her body to work that hard yet. The nice side to me is that Vivian is trying to tell us she wants off these machines and to go home and play.

Rounds for Vivian are next so will update later.

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