Sunday, June 26, 2011

Having a good and restful day...

2pm Sunday, June 26th
Vivian is doing nicely again today. From morning rounds they said her kidneys are functioning well enough that no other intervention is needed besides the tube that was inserted yesterday. Her heart rhythm is still working to get to a normal timing. Her chest is still open, so I can see part of her heart muscle beating and the one of the patches that was done in her repair. After several days to acclimate to this site, when I look at it now, I am so thankful God created our amazing bodies and knit them together. Tomorrow Dr. Davis will be by to check Vivian's chest and see how close it will be to being closed. Love, Keri

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  1. So excited to hear this is going so well!! What a little fighter she is! I will be in Coralville this evening while Michael is at TKD, do you want some company? I could stop by if you'd like,but will understand if you don't want visitors. Let me know if I can bring you anything. -Laura S