Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Day for Vivian

Monday, June 27, 2011

Vivian had another restful night with just one blood pressure spike around midnight. The spike means that she was "awake" under her sedatives and not happy about things. No surprise there, she has something or another inserted in every orifice and every limb and her torso!

It's already 11:20am now. In a few minutes Vivian will get a TP tube which goes from the nose through tummy into small intestine. This is a nice option to be able to start giving Vivian some formula which will go directly into her small intestine that she can digest, and there are no worries about her aspirating while on the breathing tube.

And the Big News! After lunch Dr. Davis will come up to her room here and close her chest! Vivian looks really good and is tolerating being shifted around. I am not sure how long that surgery will take, but it also will be done here in the room. She will have to recover a bit after that i.e. her blood pressure returning to normal, etc.

And, the kidney doctors have been in to check on Vivian just a few minutes ago. They are very, very pleased with her kidney function resuming so well because they did suffer with the heart surgery.

Lastly, Vivian has woken up several times today and maintained her blood pressure instead of it spiking which means she is waking up a bit but is not "freaking out" about her situation. That is ideal so she can wake and drift back into sleep while remaining calm.

Please pray for Vivian's chest closure to go well and her body, specifically her heart to tolerate the new and normal pressure. Love, Keri

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