Saturday, June 25, 2011

40 Hours Post-Surgery

Vivian had a good night again overall. One concern about her is she has been collecting fluids in her periteneal cavity. That is the sac inside the body that contains the intestines and the stomach. Vivian bloated up quite a bit. Also, her kidneys have taken a hit from the extensive surgery. (We had arrived with the thought of a 6 hour surgery, maybe 8 tops but couldn't believe 12 hours).

This morning at 11am a tube was then added to help drain the fluids off the periteneal cavity and relieve the kidneys. The medical staff will evaluate tomorrow whether Vivian will need a kind of dialysis called renal replacement therapy, I think. So far though she is producing lots more urine, so as odd as it sounds, I am excited about that!

Also, Vivian had something called a strut placed in her chest to hold it open. Dr. Davis also removed that this morning at 11am. That is a step in the right direction for Vivian's chest getting closed.

It was interesting because Vivian's PICU room also can act as a mini operating room, so these procedures were done right here and took about an hour.

We ask for continued prayer specifically for Vivian's swelling to decrease in her chest cavity and for her kidneys to be able to heal and resume normal function.

Mom (Keri) is staying at the hospital, and Ken is commuting to also be with our boys. He did stay the first night after surgery. We are grateful to Grandma and Grandpa Van Zee for taking care of our boys during this time.

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