Monday, June 14, 2010

White Swan Hotel ... Guangzhou, China ... June 12

We've reached the mother ship ... the famous White Swan hotel. What an amazing place (except for the spotty internet service). It sits right on the Pearl River and is truly a luxury resort. We eat at the biggest breakfast buffet I've ever seen and from any table you look to one side and see a huge indoor waterfall and on the other side a panoramic view of the Pearl River. Good thing this hotel is our last place of residence before heading back to our little "dot on the map" in Iowa. Many people here speak English, tons of shopping, great little shops, and it's fun to walk down the narrow streets. There is a lot of construction on the island in preparation for the Asia Games in November 2010. There are lots of restaurants on the island. The photo shows Vivan sitting on a couch in a lounge next to the lobby of the White Swan.

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