Monday, June 14, 2010

Touring ... June 13

At 9:30 am our whole group met, and we toured a Chinese Folk Art Museum. I think of museums as indoor places with air conditioning, but not here. It was all outdoors and very pretty, but also much smaller than I expected. One exception ... two gift shops that were air conditioned (hardly a coincidence ... but definitely good marketing). We had recently purchased squeaky shoes for Vivian, and she loves them!! See photos of her taking a few steps at the museum with Ken's help. She smiles and giggles and bounces. She has very low muscle tone right now, however Ken and I see a bright future for her. In just the few days she haqs been with us she has "brightened up" and her giggling and laughing is to die for - it's so cute. She is responding to us and looks around the room for us if one steps away for a second. Another family has their boys here, and we were all in the playroom together. She laughed and laughed at them tossing the balls around, and I can't wait for her to meet Jaret and Isaac.

We enjoyed dinner out with several families and Shi'yan. I'm getting used to chopsticks now. It was kind of funny when they offered forks and knives for everyone around our table and we all refused them. It got a laugh out of us anyway. Vivian was sitting on a bench that attaches to the chair to form a booster seat. She is getting more assertive in expressing her wants for food. I learned we can feed Vivian with chopsticks too! How fun!

p.s. - Sorry for inconsistency with blog updates. It's been busy since we left Changsha, and no free internet in the room here in Guangzhou.

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  1. Ken and Keri,
    Vivian is so beautiful! The Wistrom's can't wait to meet her this weekend! God has truly blessed your family with a sweet little girl! What an awesome God He is! We will continue to pray for you and your trip. We look forward to seeing you soon! Give Vivian a kiss and hug from us!