Monday, June 14, 2010

Appointments and Paperwork ... June 12

All the children's passport pictures were taken this morning in a little shop near the hotel. Then Shi'yan, our guide in Guangzhou, led our whole group down to the Physical Examination office for medical exams. It was a short walk (Photo 1 - room 1 checking ears and throat; Photo 2 - room 2 listen to heart, check muscle tone, etc.; no photo of room 3 for height/weight check; Photo 3 - room 4 TB skin test)

At 2 pm we met with Shi'yan to check over our final round of paperwork in preparation for U.S. Consulate appointment, and gave her the final fee for the visa to enter the U.S. That took about an hour and a half, but finally done with all the fees and paperwork!! Yea! Shi'yan represents all the families at the U.S. Consulate appointment (ours is Tuesday) so we don't attend that meeting (photo is all the papers laid out along with $400 for visa).

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