Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Night Before....

Well, it's very close to the big day, besides waiting 4 years, it was a dream born in my heart 26 years ago, so it's a tingly kind of excitement to have a dream come true!

Tomorrow morning we leave for the airport at 6:10am. Our flight is 8:10 to 10:35am, and we do covet your prayers for continued safe travel on airplane #2. After we land in Changsha we go to our hotel (I don't know how far away that is yet). Then in the afternoon we will meet somewhere and receive our daughter. I do not know the location on that, but it could possibly be in a conference room at the Dolton Hotel where we are staying.

I did inquire today that it is a considerable distance from the orphanage to Changsha...the caregiver will accompany our daughter. We covet your prayers for this portion of travel too. We are prepared for a possibly tired, cranky, hungry and possibly sick (motion) baby to be put in our arms. It's hard to imagine Vivian does not even know it is her last night in what is a normal life for her. It's hard to imagine what will be going through her mind as her usual schedule disappears abruptly, along with the only home she knows, be physically placed in arms of strangers who look different, possibly smell funny to her, speak unintelligibly, and to watch her "Momma" caregiver walk away forever.

And, we are the polar opposite in our excitement and anticipation in receiving Vivian. I am not sure when we will have an opportunity to post again. With any luck there will be wireless access from our hotel room. Here we have to come to the first four floors--we're on the ninth. Anyway, we've watched the Krols' with their new daughter, and she's been soo easy-going. So, we're prepared and hoping and praying for as smooth as transition as possible! Better sign off and go pack! It's 8:41pm here! Goodnight and God Bless!

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