Saturday, November 5, 2011

Laughing at the Ducks

Several days ago while driving Isaac to preschool, I remarked to the boys that I wished we had taken Vivian to the park to feed the ducks.  (We pass by a park with a pond full of ducks and geese on our route to preschool).  Vivian had a favorite ABC board book, and the D page had ducks on it.  She would point to the ducks and look at me--her method of asking me to make the "quack" sound which I always did.  Vivian would have been tickled with joy to hear real ducks quacking and swimming in the pond.

My 4 year old son stored this comment in his mind until prayer time at dinner.  When he prayed aloud, he included, "I hope Vivian is having a good time in heaven, and I hope she is laughing at the ducks."  When I started to explain about the ducks here at the park, Isaac said, "No, not here.  She is laughing at the ducks in heaven.  There are ducks in heaven."  True and sweet of him to say!

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  1. I am still reading your posts and am thinking of you and Ken often. You are in our prayers as you face and process each day. Love and peace to you!